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The Yule Tray
When creating The Yule Tray, I was inspired by the Japanese influence on Danish design. Therefore, it needed be simple and clean, with visible joinery. I desired for the grain lines of the wood the give as much character to the piece as the design itself. My hope is that it will be perfect tray for serving your friends and family in and out of the holiday season.
About The Yule
Solid Hardwood
The white oak hardwood gives you both a quality material and a unique beauty.
Quality Joinery that will last
The Yule tray features a sliding dovetail base, which not only gives the tray a little lift but stabilizes the wood. It also features round mortise and tenon handles with a walnut wedge accent (pictured)
Danish Cord Handles
The Danish cord wrapping offers an elegant texture to the handles.
Hand Crafted In Fort Collins, CO
Made with love and locally sourced wood.


Wood is naturally beautiful and unique, and because of that, I list all items individually. Items that you see below is the product you will receive. The number following the product name (Example 005) is the edition count (the number of that product that has been made).