The Handwork Initiative
Empowering People Through Handwork
Two Programs
Utilizing the craft of woodworking to nurture the overall well-being of a child.
Learn the fundamentals of furniture making
For Kids
It is about the child
It is not about creating the next generation of crafts people, it is about nurturing qualities in a child that will serve them well in all of life.

The aim is...
  • To instill the love of creating
  • To promote curiosity
  • To encourage self-respect
  • To aid in autonomy
  • To promote the connection between mind and body
  • To inspire respect for honest bodily labor

In the program, the child is in a self paced environment where they are guided through a series of thoughtfully selected wooden build models. They receives training on the proper use of real hand tools like hand planes, spokeshaves, and chisels. It is based on a Swedish method called Educational Sloyd from the late 1800's.
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    "Put a young man in a woodshop, his hands work to the advantage of his brain and he becomes a philosopher while thinking himself only a craftsman."
    —Jean Jacques Rousseau
    For Adults
    Interested in learning Woodwork?
    Reach out, I am in the process of forming classes and am gauging interest on both individual and group classes
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    ** The Handwork Initiative is currently part of Woolly Furniture LLC and is not a 501(c)(3), I am just a man on a mission to improve lives through this beautiful craft and am current working on the non-profit formation.